Adding Precision Microbes to the calf rearing toolbox

Tommy heffernan, vet consultant visited Phelim Kavanagh in Co Wexford. He is an expert at rearing calves.

A skeptic, to begin with, he ran his own trials on the farm last spring.

He bought in two batches of calves (approx 150 in each batch) last year. He split the calves into three groups, poorer calves, middle and strong calves. This way, he can manage each group and monitor them carefully.

In the first batch, he treated the smallest calves with precision microbes and they caught up with the middle calves at weaning. still not convinced, he then treated the middle group with Precision microbes in the next batch, and they caught up with the best calves.

What Phelim saw was a big difference in calf performance. All Precision Microbes’ own trials have shown a big difference in calf performance in some trials, up to 115g/day difference between treatment and control groups.

He also noted what many farmers have seen, which is reduced disease issues in treated calves and also quicker recovery in those calves if they did enter the sick pens.

He will now adopt the gold standard with Precision Microbes 30mls for 30 days. Every calf will get 30 MLS daily up to weaning.

Listen to his interview here.