Antibiotics and postbiotics

In human and animal medicine, few things have impacted health, lifespan, and treating infections like antibiotics have.

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin somewhat by accident from a fungus called Penicillin Rubens. Interestingly, it was a metabolite (Penicillin) of this fungus that showed antimicrobial properties.

Penicillin was a postbiotic of this fungus. At Precision Microbes, we are taking beneficial bacteria (good bacteria) and their postbiotics to promote better gut health. We are an entirely organic and natural liquid solution that is a game changer in gut health.

Our unique liquid contains beneficial bacteria and their postbiotics. These postbiotics have a very positive impact on gut health.

We, of course, can always have too much of a good thing!

With antibiotics being critical to treating infections, we must also remember they generally kill harmful and good (beneficial bacteria) when administered.

This is important for pet health when considering a long-term healthy gut. While the antibiotics target pathogens, they can also impact the gut microbiome of our pets during and after treatment.

Studies have shown in humans and pets that this can impact short- and long-term gut health and the gut microbiome.

So how do we balance gut health during periods of antibiotics in our pets?

Precision Microbe’s unique liquid probiotic and postbiotic provides an ideal way of maintaining gut health during antibiotic treatment.

It contains live bacteria in a dormant state with all their metabolites or postbiotics.

Postbiotics are essential to maintain digestive health during and after periods when the normal gut flora has been compromised during antibiotic treatment.

The postbiotics in Precision Microbes’ unique liquid are not affected by antibiotics, so they can be given daily in food during and for a period after treatment when antibiotics have finished.

Most owners who do this choose to keep their pets on Precision Microbes in long-term daily doses due to the benefits they have seen.

Daily Precision Microbes pro and postbiotics help improve digestive health, immunoregulation, and protection from harmful pathogens.

The feedback we have seen can be seen in our customer testimonials, where they talk about appetite, coat condition, and overall health improvement.

Antibiotics are vital tools to treat infection in our pets. With Precision Microbes, you now have a daily option to maintain better gut health.

It can be fed daily in food, ideally separately to antibiotic treatments at 1ml per kg in both cats and dogs, up to 30mls daily for larger breeds of dogs.