Co Offaly dairy farmer sees the huge benefits of Precision Microbes calf Probiotic and postbiotics

Patrick White is a dairy farmer based in Co Offaly milking 200 cows in a spring-based system. In 2022 in the middle of a calf scour outbreak his vet recommended he try Precision Microbes to

to help with recovery. He started feeding 60mls daily to calves during the outbreak and immediately could see a difference in their responses and recovery rates.

He then moved to all newborn calves getting 30mls daily starting in colostrum and going for 30 days. During periods of digestive upsets topping them up with 30mls for 3-4 days.

Like many farmers, Patrick has seen Precision Microbes work with recovery but more importantly, work at prevention and support reducing gut health issues.


Our gold standard calf protocol is 30mls daily per calf from birth through milk right up to weaning.

Listen to what Patrick has to say





Precision Microbes and speed of recovery for calf diarrhoea 

On our on-farm trials in 2020/2021 Tommy Heffernan veterinary consultant carried out several on-farm trials looking at recovery in calves.

We worked with a group of vets and during calf scour outbreaks we split the calves into two groups. Group 1 used the traditional treatment method where calf scour was identified 9this was left ot the vet to use what they normally would use given the clinical presentation)  and group 2 were also fed Precision Microbes + traditional treatment.

We measured fecal consistency and calves’ appetite drinking scores over 12/24/36/48 hours in these calves.

We observed based on appetite and faecal consistency score a two-fold increase in recovery times in calves.

Both fecal score and appetite were socred 1-5 for the purposes of the trial.

While this was primarily looking at dose rates and measuring other parameters it showed how effective Precision Microbes are with recovery or gut stabilization as part of an appropriate veterinary plan.

“One challenge we had with these trials was most farmers wanted to treat the control group with Precision Microbes at 24 hours as well because of the quick response.” 

Tommy Heffernan Veterinary Consultant 

This dose rate of 60mls orally or through ilk for 5-7 days is now our standard part of gut stabilisation and recovery.