County Meath based veterinary surgeon Michael Tallon sees huge benefits with Precision Microbes with his clients

Micheál Tallon is a vet with Duleek Veterinary Hospital in Co.Meath. Micheál comments “Calves get two things, scour which comes first then respiratory problems” What we’ve seen over the past 2 years are calves that have received Precision Microbes from day zero, are less susceptible to pneumonia and if they do they’re bouncing back quicker. Micheals, practice uses Precision Microbes as a gut stabiliser for calves with scour. “As farmers have seen the benefits from Precision Microbes, they’re now going on to use it preventatively,” says Micheal. The benefits the practice has seen with Precision Microbes include increased daily feed intake, more active calves, less antibiotic usage, and less need to drip calves.