Dog trials with Precision Microbes results from Vetys in Czech Republic

Here are trial data and testimonials (translation) from our Czech distributor Vetys in a canine trial they carried out!

With Precision Microbes, we took it “from the ground up” – during October and November 2022, we carried out a proper field verification of the effects on a group of almost 50 animals, which included both dog and cat patients. It was served for 28 days.

The results of the entire study exceeded our expectations and we are excited. The vast majority of owners perceived an improvement, from the whole group we received only 4 (in words ONLY FOUR) cases that we evaluate as a failure. And since we are strict about PMka , by failure, we mean anything that is not success😊

But to make it serious – we are gradually processing the statistical evaluation and will add a link here soon, but we can already bring you reviews of owners who have tried the Microbes and shared their experiences with us. Judge for yourself.

Ferrero and Ivan

Ferrero – a hybrid of mudi

Improvement: within two weeks

Cute Ferrero is a dog with a difficult start in life, a foundling who has had chronic indigestion since he was young. His participation in the study was a must. And how satisfied was the owner at the end?

“Ferrero suffers from chronic IBD, and it was necessary to give him a daily probiotic powder, which was poorly dosed due to his smaller size. Precise microbes not only helped us with stools but also replaced probiotics and their dosage is very simple. We are extremely satisfied and will recommend it to my friends.

Since I have both dogs on BARF, mixed Microbes in the feed were no problem. I didn’t even try another option.

I’m excited about Ferroušek and his great hair!”


Iwan – Miniature Pinscher

Improvement: within the first week

13 years old Iwan, Ferrer’s companion from one pack, joined the study due to long-term stomach rumbling and frequent digestive complications because he has a “sweet tooth”. He has to walk outside with a muzzle because whatever he finds, it falls off, and it doesn’t always fit him. How does the Owner feel after a month?

“I am extremely satisfied with the precision microbes. It conveniently replaces classic probiotics and has surpassed them in many ways. Above all, regarding the long-term problem with stomach rumbling. In the future, I recommend adjusting the taste a little, or rather the aroma… perhaps with the smell of fish.”


Here we have to disappoint breeders – the taste of PM is something we cannot change because it would affect the quality and efficiency. But palatability was one of the things we looked at because tastes are very individual. Precision microbes have a sweet and sour taste, and it is true that some animals have to get used to their taste. They can be mixed into the feed in smaller quantities, and the dose gradually increased so that the animal gets used to it. Dividing the dose of Microbes into two feedings is also more suitable from the point of view of effect.

However, the following finding came out of the study – animals that get used to the taste of PM eventually seem to come to like it, as was shown to us (not only) by another tester, Zarinka .

Zara – French bulldog

Improvement: Within the first week

Regarding the taste, the owner told us: “We mix the PM in half of the evening dose of feed. For the first four days, she came to the bowl, sniffed, and said with a grin: “are you serious?!?!?! Should I drink that?” But hunger is hunger, and it ruined everything. After 7 days, she even chased the bowl around the kitchen trying to lick it clean. Now she is looking forward to dinner!!!

We didn’t try any other way of serving, there was no need.”

And the owner wrote to us about the results:

“Definitely an improvement in every way, the only thing that still “bothers” me is that he still craves weed! But the smelly farts are completely gone, at most, you fart a little in the morning, but completely odorless!!!

Water intake has increased significantly. Urine has also become significantly cleaner – it is light and, above all, without a pungent smell.

PMs are surprisingly very well received, the first changes are noticeable after a few days. Very good results; we will definitely continue!”

Zara showed us other interesting results at the end of the testing, so she directed us to another interesting problem we want to focus on – the effect on the anal glands. However, since this is a longer-term problem, we will talk about it sometime in the future.

Wolf Saphira Randy dog – Belgian shepherd groenendael

Improvement: Within two weeks

Beautiful Saph had health complications this year associated with repeated diarrhea. After the onset of problems, she even ended up on drips, and although the condition had already improved thanks to the adjustment of feeding, the problems still persisted. The results?

“My Belgian Shepherd has been having a problem with diarrhea for the past few months. Some time ago, she also ended up on infusions two times due to very strong diarrhea, and then an elimination diet followed, but generally, no reason appeared. Since even after half a year of the diet, there was no success, we already had a bag with a gastrointestinal diet at home. We started giving Precision Microbes, and within 14 days there was no more problem. At the same time, we administered other long-term probiotics, but the effect was not like that. Thank you :-)”


Sally – west highland white terrier

Improvement: within the first week

Sally is a senior dog. 16.5 years is already a relatively old age, which brings with it not only sensitive digestion but also other complications. Since we were interested in the effect of intestinal microflora on immunity and fitness in general, we had to have Sally in the testing. In the end, the owner wrote to us:

“The condition has improved, and he also enjoys his walks better. You can just see the fundamental difference. The female has significantly improved both in behavior and acuity of perception, and her sensitive digestion is fine. A major difference in appetite can be seen. The mushy stool also disappeared. I am very glad that I participated with my female. I am very satisfied.”

We are also glad that Sally Microbes helped and that she is enjoying herself again with her owner as in her younger dog years!

Bucifal – Boston terrier

Improvement: within three weeks

Bostonian Bucifal sometimes had intestinal problems, but he signed up for our study because of skin problems. This is usually a problem with a deeper cause, requiring longer-term attention, so Bucifal is still continuing testing. But already after a month, we received positive news from the owner –

Intestinal problems since then (note: the beginning of testing) . In addition, the condition of the skin and especially the yeast infection, is slowly improving.

The dog accepted (PM) without any problems, but he is a big eater and usually eats everything just fine, so it was enough to pour it into the food and the bowl was empty.”

The photos of the skin look promising after a month; we will wait another four weeks and add the information😊

Cyan Lake Saphija ( Kayen ) – Australian Shepherd


Show beauty Kajen signed up for the study because the owner already had experience with Precision Microbes in horses. And because she wanted the best for her dog, she didn’t hesitate and registered.

Improvement: Within the first week

“Digestion has improved significantly, our stools have settled, and we are finally free of diarrhea. The dog is significantly calmer, but as far as shows are concerned, I haven’t tried it yet

recommend the PM preparation to everyone who wants to give quality probiotics to their four-legged friend. We have tested it on both dogs and horses, and I must say that it really works.”


Mou – a hybrid bandog x Brazilian fila

Improvement: Within two weeks

Seven-year-old Mou was adopted into the owner’s family only two years ago, and he suffered from gas and sensitive digestion. This is a problem because Mou likes to snack – he loves treats of all kinds, but he could only have some proven ones because they often did not “fit” him. Did the PM bring any change?

“We had pellets for dinner. He ate without problems, he liked it. After 14 days a significant difference. No diarrhea, even when we give new treats. Less pooping, about two times a day; we used to go more. He gained 2 kg, which is good because when the bitches are in heat, the weight goes down rapidly. Less gas doesn’t smell as bad anymore. We would definitely recommend it to everyone who has sensitive digestion.”

We also recommend it😊




And we also thank all the other owners and breeders who helped us with the testing of Precise Microbes. For the most part, they were as precise in their cooperation as our Microbes, for which we owe them a big thank you!

And don’t worry, we will continue to verify the effectiveness. The first round of testing showed us what to focus on. If you want to receive information about the launch of the study, the best thing to do is to subscribe to the newsletter here at Or follow us on the FB profile of Precizní microbialy, we will also publish the recruitment on our website .