Donna Vowles stud Manager, Kiltinan Stud, Co. Tipperary gives feedback on Precision Microbes equine

“I had been using Precison Microbes for about 18 months on thoroughbred mares and youngstock under my care at work for various reasons with great results when I decided to start my own show horse on the microbes as we prepared for Dublin Horse show.

My horse has no trouble carrying condition as everybody knows but as he’s gotten older I was finding his coat wasn’t getting the same deep, even colour as when he was a younger horse and we had also experienced changes in his droppings in times of stress or routine changes.

JD can be fussy with changes to his feed but I experienced no trouble with starting him on the Precision with him readily taking it in his water or feed within 10 – 14 days the appearance of his coat improved dramatically and we were no longer seeing changes in his droppings on show days or during periods of excitement.

Another change I noticed was his appetite remained constant on show mornings and when staying away at shows overnight whereas previously he would back off his feed when out of routine.

JD is blossoming again since starting the Microbes and so many people have commented on the horse never looking better in himself and how he is looking younger and fresher than ever with judges not believing his age.”