ECOGrow is an organic soil improver, based on a special blend of live micro-organisms (GMO-free) and an organic herbal blend. The special composition of micro-organisms creates better growing conditions for plants by increasing the activity and the population of favourable, soil improving bacteria. A visible effect of ECOGrow is that the plants develop a larger root system, whereby the absorption of important nutrients is optimized. ECOGrow can be used directly on the ground (bare soil or stubble) and on crops in all stages of growth.

Easy to use, ECOGrow is a 100% organic product that is completely harmless to plants, animals and humans. No special security measures are needed when used as advised. Follow the dosage advice as given by supplier.

The product ECOGrow contains water, organic carbohydrates, graft cultures and extracts of organic herbs and plants. ECOGrow contains naturally occurring micro-organisms that are essential for healthy life and growth of the plants. Some of the extracts of organic herbs and plants are known to improve disease resistance and also act as deterrent against pests.


  • Increases the biological activity of the soil
  • Improves the efficiency of transformation of organic matter
  • Improves nutrient supply
  • Optimizes growth conditions
  • Enlarges the root system
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increase the water holding capacity
  • Increases soil solution and prevents reconsolidation