ECOStrong is an organic growth substance. It contains naturally occurring micro-organisms that are necessary for all life and growth of plants. In addition, extracts of organic herbs and plants that are known to increase the
plant’s resistance to diseases and appears to deter pests.

Easy to use, mix ECOStrong with water and spray directly on the plant. It can also be watered or run through sprinklers. Always follow the recommended dosing schedule from the supplier. ECOStrong is a 100% organic product that is completely harmless to plants, animals and humans. No special security measures are needed when used as advised. Keep dark and cool.

The product ECOStrong contains water, organic carbohydrates, graft cultures and extracts of organic herbs and plants. ECOStrong contains naturally occurring microorganisms that are essential for life and growth of plants. Some of the extracts of organic herbs and plants are known to improve disease resistance and also act as deterrent against pests. ECOStrong has a wider selection of micro-organisms and extracts in higher concentrations and is a fortified version of ECOGrow.