How are we here?

It’s a big question to answer but there are some clues in how plants, animals, and humans have survived and developed through the millennia. They have done this by utilizing their natural defenses and adapting to challenges like a disease.

Precision Microbes is bringing their unique science around microbes with an exciting range of animal and plant products developed in their state-of-the-art production facility in Dublin.

They have identified key microbes (beneficial bacteria) that can work together to have many positive health benefits.

We want to bring that knowledge and training now into the veterinary market. These unique solutions across species also provide natural solutions to some of the great challenges like the reduction of antibiotics.

Some people talk about sustainability but at precision, we are doing sustainability.

These solutions are liquid live probiotics and all-important postbiotics. This is also just the beginning of an exciting range of biological solutions that will be brought to the veterinary market.

What’s the difference?

Precision Microbes contains both live beneficial bacteria in high numbers along with their postbiotic (metabolites) in a unique liquid solution

Prebiotics Probiotics Postbiotics Infographic

The Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome is a vast array of Microorganisms that are based in the digestive tract of ourselves and our animals. It contains bacteria, fungi, yeast, protozoa and other microbes.

It is an exciting area of science in humans and animal health. This complex microbiota is like another organ working in harmony with the digestive tract to do a number of key functions:

  • Improve digestive health and function
  • Regulate immunity and immune modulation
  • Competitive inhibition and acting to inhibit or exclude pathogens.

The bacteria and beneficial microbes play a key role in cell function and the production of enzymes that aid digestion. They do this by producing a vast array of metabolites (postbiotics).

These postbiotics are SCFAs, enterocins, bacteriocins, enzymes, and other metabolites. It is these compounds that regulate cell function and the production of the protective mucous layer by goblet cells.

Seventy percent of immunity is gut-based, with billions of lymphocytes making up the G.A.L.T or gut-associated lymphoid tissue. These immune cells are in the gut wall, dense areas like payers patches, crypts, and mesenteric lymph nodes.

With a healthy microbiome, you can have good immune modulation regulation of immunity. With an unstable microbiome, you can get inflammation and immune dysregulation. These impacts on immunity can be acute but in many of our animals can also be chronic.

With our gut microbiome linked to our lungs, skin, brain, and other organ function. We need to do everything we can to achieve homeostasis in the gut microbiome.

Finally, we must remember the microbiome is affected by many factors like nutrition, stress, the environment, or other toxins. We are always trying to promote both diversity and stability in the microbiome. It is a complex interaction between pathogens and essential commensals in the gut.

Competitive inhibition is the ability of bacteria to compete with and inhibit each other. Having a healthy stable population and by the use of probiotics like Enterococcus Lactis NCIMB10415 as well as our other beneficial bacterial strains we can help achieve this.

Acute disruptions can lead to dysbiosis and digestive upsets in the gut microbiome. By using our unique probiotics and postbiotics we can see a quick return to normal digestive health and function. The key thing that makes Precision Microbes different is there are live probiotics and postbiotics used in the liquid medium. This is why the speed of recovery in particular dysbiosis and digestive upsets has been seen.

Check out our vet and end-user testimonials to hear more about our results.