Precision Microbe’s Calf Probiotic & Postbiotic

Seventy percent of the immune function is thought to be in the digestive tract of animals. We at Precision Microbes know how important a healthy gut is in young calves.

The immunity in the gut is controlled by the billions of microbes (the microbiome) that interact with local intestinal cells and the immune system.

A healthy microbiome ensures that digestive function and immune function are working optimally. Our team of experts has created a unique probiotic and postbiotic liquid solution to ensure that calves achieve optimal gut function and health.

Our formulation of essential plant extracts, good bacteria, and postbiotics provides an excellent gut stabilizer for calves’ recovery from digestive upsets.

Fast action

This liquid probiotic solution provides a high concentration of live bacteria that immediately stabilize the calves’ gut microbiome.

These live bacteria mean rapid action compared to freeze-dried products, which can take up to 24-36 hours before they are active.

The feedback from vets and farmers has been very positive since we launched into the Irish market.

A veterinary surgeon must assess each case or outbreak.

We see issues with viral, bacterial, and cryptosporidium parvum. Our product can help aid and speed up recovery.

Why it works so well?

The solution does this by containing both the right blend of probiotics and postbiotics. The probiotics help heal the gut lining and bind pathogens. It also helps quickly restore good local immune function.

In gut stabilisation, our unique blend of plant extracts and postbiotics, like short-chain fatty acids, is beneficial to gut health.

Our expert team is taking years of experience in microbes, working with vets and farmers to find innovative natural solutions to some of our biggest on-farm challenges.

Calf diarrhoea accounts for up to 60% of all mortality in young calves under 12 weeks. We can play our part to improve the welfare and the health of calves by focusing on good gut health.

Any questions, please contact our team at Precision Microbes.


Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Calves