Nathan Hunt- Farmer and agricultural contractor Co Roscommon 

Nathan tried Precision Microbes silage additive in his farm and with several other farms where he works as an agricultural contractor. His video says it all about how good our silage additive is. 

Eamon Sheehan – Co. Kilkenny

We are a trial farm for Precision Microbes for the last three years. The preservation of the silage has been outstanding using the liquid silage additive. The ease of use for our contractor and feedouts have also been excellent. We have also seen an improvement in cow performance in the back end of the year on the treated silage.

Anthony Burke – Co. Tipperary

We have been delighted with our silage this year. You can just see the difference in the silage. No waste, excellent fermentation and the cattle love it. It makes such a difference we won’t be making silage without Precision microbes additive again.

Derek O Donoghue – Co. Limerick

Two things would have stood out for us when using Precision Microbes silage additive. Preservation was excellent, also excellent stability in the pit face meant there was little to no waste. We also have seen excellent cleanouts by the cows and no waste in troughs. With forage quality becoming more important we see Precision Microbes additive as part of our silage-making going forward every year.

Andrew O Callahan – Co. Cork

We make our own silage each year and have had traditionally had trouble with the second cut and fermentation preservation. We are absolutely delighted with preservation and quality of our silage this year. You can smell and see the difference in the silage and have zero waste. We were really impressed with this additive and now it will be part of our routine every year.

Bill O Donovan – Co. Tipperary

We used Precision Microbes additive in over eighty acres of first cut silage and we were really happy. Super preservation, we opened the pit after three weeks and it was fully preserved. Little to no waste and cows fed out well with clean troughs all year. We also monitor rumination and felt at herd level it was the best we have seen. All in all, I was very happy.

James O Keefe – Co. Cork

I have a real interest in microbiology and did a diploma in it. We were really impressed with the results we seen with Precision Microbes this year. Preservation was excellent and we made really high-quality forage and I have to put this down to Precision Microbes additive. The feed out was excellent with next to zero waste.

Maurice Cronin – Co. Cork

I was very happy with the results of using Precision Microbes this year. They make great products and the silage additive did not disappoint. You can nearly smell it in the silage, zero waste and the cows fed well on it. Won’t make silage without it again.

David Byrne – Co. Kildare

We made silage with Red clover and we have had issues in the past with preservation. this year we had no issues and preservation was excellent. It fed out well and the dung of the cattle was a lot more consistent. Overall, we were very happy and will be using it again this year.

Martin Ryan – Co. Tipperary

We believe in the Precision Microbes products as we have had outstanding results with the calf product over the last couple of years. We used the Precision additive this year and again were delighted with the results. The year that was in it meant we were very worried about preservation. We shouldn’t have worried as it was excellent with zero waste and the cows loved it. Very happy overall.


Ray Hunt – Co. Tipperary

We were very happy with the results using Precision Microbes silage additive. Preservation was excellent and our nutritionist even commented on how good it was. Also feed outs were really good. Couldn’t have been happier met our expectations and more.


Gareth Porter – Co Donegal

I was Really delighted with the results from Precision Microbes silage additive. The preservation was the best we have ever seen with little to no waste. Cows hoovered up the silage and feed out was outstanding. We feel cow condition was never better. We won’t be without this additive in the future.