Galway farm transforms calf health and more trial data on the benefits of long term feeding.

This week hot of the press. We had our product in a calf trial with a student Sheena Tyrell in WIT. She was looking at supplements and average daily gains in dairy calves.

While the full report isn’t published she shared her findings on calf weight performance.

This was an independent trial for her final year thesis.

She had three groups of calves, eighteen (18) in each group.

One was a control, treatment group one was Precision Microbes, and treatment group 2 was another gut health supplement.

This followed a trial done independently last year by a student in WIT also. Tara Kinsella found 2022 a weight difference of 115g/day in calves over 8 weeks between her treatment group (Precision Microbes) and control.

She saw a 200g/day difference in the last four weeks before weaning on calves on Precision Microbes full report here


Again Sheena found a marked difference in ADG between week 8 and week 13 (weaning time) of her trial.

Results below

We are really delighted to see the difference in calf performance and growth reflected in this recent trial. This equates to what we are seeing on the ground and the extensive trials our vet consultant Tommy Heffernan did back in 2021 across eight farms.


We visited Galway dairy farmers to see a transformation in calf health this week also 

We visited the McDermott family in Co Galway. They are an expanding dairy herd and family farm. Shane has been the chief calf rearer for the last number of years. Getting up before school and then on his return from school attends calves again. They had lots of challenges in the past and particularly in 2020 with calf scour and diarrheoa. They started like many farmers using Precision Microbes to help calves recover from scour and diarrheoa. Using a protocol of 60mls daily orally for 5-7 days. With very sick calves they would use 60mls twice daily for the first 3 days. Seeing the product working well they went to long-term feeding of 30mls daily from birth.

They have seen a transformation in calf health this spring with this protocol. Like many farmers, they are looking at building new calf facilities and focused on continual improvement post-expansion. For me, it was quite inspiring to hear Shane’s story and his dedication to his calves.