Inga the Labrador case study from Carrick veterinary Centre

In February 18, 2022

 Inga is a client of Carrick veterinary centre in Co Monaghan 

Name: Inga          D.O.B: 1/03/2020       Breed: Labrador     Weight: 27kg

B.C.S: 3 out of 5.

Occupation: Service dog for autistic children.

Trial dates: 23/09/21 to 23/12/21

Start of the trial (23/08/21)

Inga Presented with persistent Diarrhoea (D+) and Vomiting (V+) on and off. The D+ was semi-solid. Her food was changed to a sensitive food but made no difference in helping the D+ or V+. Inga is also eating a lot of grass when out for walks. Her coat is in bad condition. It was very dry and she was shedding a lot around the house. Inga is Lethargic and not very active for her age.

The Owner reported that Inga has a lot of gas and always has a bloated stomach. On palpation, Inga is quite tense on her stomach and does not like her stomach being touched.

End of the trial (23/11/2021)

After 3 months on the Precision Microbes probiotic once a day Inga is much improved. Her coat is now silky soft. She sheds a lot less than she did before the trial. The Persistent D+ and occasional V+ had stopped and she is no longer eating grass when out for a walk. Inga’s stomach is no longer bloated and tense to touch. She is not full of gas like she was before the trial or bloated.

After the trial, Inga’s overall health has improved greatly. The Owner reported that Inga has a lot more energy and is brighter in herself. Inga has a lot more energy to run around and play like a puppy is meant to.

The Owner has decided to keep Inga on the probiotic long term due to the fantastic results she has seen in Inga. I have attached pictures below.