International showjumper Cian O’Connor gives positive feedback on PM equine

Precision Microbes was delighted to get very positive feedback from well known international showjumper Cian O’Connor. The team at Karlswood began using PMs unique liquid complementry feed on a number of horses.

Delighted with the results they now have all the horses in the yard on Precision Microbes equine.

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Listen below to Cians feedback and what they have seen.

Precision Microbes equine is an ideal daily supplement to optimise digestive health in performance horses. Like many users it is the visual difference in the horses that can be seen is why people love our product.

It can be fed daily in feed, is highly palatable and now comes in an easy to dispense bag and box format. We have extended shelf life and this is easy to use presentation is also fantastic for the all important intergity of our unique liquid,.

Easy to use BIB format above available in 10&20 litre formats.