Irish retired greyhound trust and rehoming centre sees the benefits of Precision Microbes probiotics and postbiotics for pets.

In July 11, 2023

Real benefits of Probiotic and postbiotics in greyhounds

Last week we visited Fionnula and James in their kennels and foster care centre for retired greyhounds. They work with the Irish retired greyhound trust and help get greyhounds acclimatized to their new lives as pets with families.

They have seen the huge benefits of Precision MIcrobes pro and postbiotic liquids for the dogs in their care. Stress has a big impact on gut health and digestion. Precision Microbes help the greyhound’s digestion and gut health during their transition into kennels and also for the next stage of their life as a family pet.

It was great to see Fionnuala had such confidence in our pet product that she ended up trying our equine complementary feed and seeing the transformation in her own horse as well. Really enjoyed meeting Fionnula she is so dedicated to what she does.