Kati and Kai Precision Microbes a “life changer”

In April 4, 2022

Listen to the story of Kati and her greyhound Kai. Kati rescued Kai and discovered he had severe IBS. While she had full work-ups and tried dietary solutions, six months ago, she found Precision microbes liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution. She describes her experiences as life-changing. After a couple of weeks, she saw that Kai, who had chronic IBS began to improve.

Firstly it was his stools and a reduction in diarrhea incidence. Then week by week, he had regular motions; Kai began to put on weight and now is a very happy dog on his daily dose of Precision Microbes.

Talk to your vet today about a game changer in gut health for pets Precision Microbes. Kati would say it’s a “life-changer.”