Precision exciting feedback on cat trials with PM pet Pro and Postbiotics

Here is feedback (translation) from Vetys in the Czech Republic on PM cat pro and postbioitc.

Reviews by owners

For us, field verification is the best way to verify the results of our new product on the market in the Czech Republic – Precision Microbes. As with the dog testers in the previous article, we bring you – even before the statistical evaluation – a first taste. Reviews of owners who gave us the results after testing or photos of their four-legged pets.

For the cat group, there were more than 20 animals recruited for testing. And the results?

When we received the completed Exit Questionnaires, we did not want to believe it ourselves. With each delivered questionnaire, we tingled with tension towards the end, but in the end, we succeeded. 100% of the results the owners gave us after 28 days of testing were positive! All questionnaires reported an improvement in diarrhea, flatulence, appetite, etc. Positive results were obtained for each tested animal that received Precision Microbes!

And just like with dogs, we don’t hide anything – we had to exclude the two biggest eaters from the study. They did not accept PM in the feeder. All other owners managed the administration either directly in the feeder or helped themselves with a syringe directly into the animal’s mouth. This is also the advantage of Precision Microbes that they can be easily administered as a solution even to animals with an appetite or suffering from anorexia

So read what the owners themselves have to say about trying it out.

El Diablo, the hybrid

And we’re going to start pretty wild right away.

The evil that some people are capable of towards animals is sometimes beyond comprehension. This is the case with a 7-year-old red-haired cat, proud of the name El Diablo, nicknamed El Die. His name is ironic if we know his start in life – El Die was, still with his cat sibling, tied by the tail with a metal noose to a tree, and both were left to their fate. They were lucky, they were saved by good people.

El Die’s sibling was healthy, so he immediately found a new owner. Unfortunately, El Die suffered from chronic colds, and as there was no interest, he had to be euthanized. Finally, a good owner was found who took Diablo in, and today, despite all life’s adversities, he is her greatest life-loving partner.

Before entering the study, El Die suffered from a chronic cold and was not gaining weight.

Improvement: Within two weeks.

Evaluation of the owner: “I would like to thank you very much for your product, which was able to cure a chronically ill cat. El Die had a chronic cold since birth, he was losing weight, he was not gaining weight. After your product, the cold improved significantly (about 90%), the cat gained a little weight, is much more active, and generally started to improve. I am thrilled with the product’s performance and extremely grateful to you.

I would like to thank you very much once again. I waited (note: with the evaluation) until finally the testing because nothing has ever been able to cure the cat, and with the administration of the product, there was a significant improvement. Thank you very much indeed.”

We are extremely pleased that Diablo’s health has taken the right direction, and we believe that continued use of Precision Microbes will lead to even better results. A 28-day period is a good basis for improving immunity, but for serious and long-term conditions, long-term administration of the product is also possible, with a dosage of 1ml/kg.

Kameron Garfield’s baby, a Maine coon

Four-year-old Kameron is another beautiful representative of Maine coon cats, of which quite a few have signed up for the study. He has had a very sensitive digestion since he was a kitten; he suffers from flatulence, he has suffered from gastritis, and thickening of the stomach wall. He was repeatedly treated with antibiotics, but without general success, and finally treated with corticosteroids for a short time. So a rather strong challenge for Precision Microbes. According to the owner, how did PM cat  do?

Improvement: Within the first week

“PM surprised me more than pleasantly; after a month of use, the cat’s digestion, food intake, and especially his mental state improved. Significantly higher appetite. Stress – maximum improvement; he is not afraid of his own shadow; he cuddles and plays more. He actively provokes the other cat to play.

In the future, I will replace Imunoglucan with Precision Microbes for both cats in the winter months. Thank you for the opportunity to try PM; many times I have purchased something that did not work, which is not the case with Microbes. You have new, regular customers.

We are very happy about that! Satisfied cats and satisfied customers 😊

Ichin, a Maine coon

The owner, Itchen, signed up for the study because she was shortly after a difficult operation. She had a C-section with an ovariohysterectomy, lost all her kittens, and was currently on antibiotics. She had loose stools, was very tired, and slept most of the day.

Improvement: Within the first week.

Shortly after using Precision Microbes, the owner wrote to us: “I was very surprised by the preparation, and it helped very quickly. I rarely find something like this; I’m excited. Thank you for the opportunity to try it; I’m glad that I found a product that really works for acute diarrhea.”

Valentine’s Day, crossbreed

The four-year-old Valentine is among the chronic cases in our study. He has a generally weakened immunity, which manifests itself in his chronic runny nose, especially in autumn when he has large “noodles” on his nose. For chronic patients, the improvement comes after the strengthening of immunity with a slightly longer interval, which was also evident on Valentine’s case.

Improvement: about three weeks.

And the evaluation of the owner? “Precision microbes in Valentine the cat solved his long-term problem with a chronic cold, which even the vets couldn’t deal with. His appetite has also improved, and his fur is thicker.’


And this is not the only case when PM cat dealt with problems that other preparations or treatments did not solve.

It happened similarly at


An approximately eight-year-old foundling ____ was caught two years ago in poor condition near a cowshed in southern Bohemia. Since then, he has been living in an apartment with the new owner, but as a result of his difficult life, he suffered from several problems – he did not gain weight, but he suffered from chronic rhinitis and inflammation of the vocal cords due to scabies.

Improvement: Within two weeks.

Evaluation of the owner after four weeks of testing: “The preparation helped me, so far partially, to put together a 7-8 year-old cat found in bad condition near a cow shed in Hněvanov. He accepts food OK, digestion has improved. He seems happier, more playful, and less irritable. Improved mood, more active, improved coat – shinier, less shedding.”

This case needs a few more weeks of immune support with PM, but we are happy that after two years of the owner’s care, the cat has improved, and we wish him only health.

Go Star from Tender Lion’s CZ and Fortuna Velvet Duckie CZ, Maine coon

Fortuna, nicknamed Týna, came to our study because of repeated diarrhea after a roundworm infection. And since the owner unexpectedly solved problems with post-operative recovery in the second cat “Bubliny” at the time of testing, we ended up getting two reviews.

Improvement: Within the first week

“Our Týna got infected with roundworms while still at the breeder. She probably got infected from raw meat, which shouldn’t happen, but it did. The breeder tried everything possible, the kitten was fine at the time of delivery. But the stress and change of environment had an effect on the already strained body, and Týna had diarrhea again. Just at that time, I came across that they were looking for animals to test the Precision Microbes product. We enrolled, and the results came very soon.’


Precision microbes are an ideal support during recovery post-treatment recovering from intestinal parasites, as well as after surgery and DURING antibiotic treatment. You read that right – in addition, to live bacteria, they also contain POSTbiotics – metabolites of bacteria that are not affected by antibiotics. This was beautifully confirmed for us with the second patient of Go Star, the homely Bublina.

“Bubble had uterine inflammation and was neutered. Unfortunately, she licked her wound and pulled out her stitches and one internal stitch. So she underwent reoperation and was given strong antibiotics. The wound did not want to be closed, it was oozing, and the duration of the administration of antibiotics was lengthening, thereby disrupting her digestion. Thanks to the Precision Microbes that we gave her daily, her digestion gradually improved, and today her tummy is overgrown, and her intestines are working as they should. Thanks.”


Today, Bublina has gained more than .7 kilos, she is shedding fur, and her digestion is completely fine. And Týnka has already had her first exhibition, where she was nominated among the exhibition’s most beautiful cats. And she no longer has problems with digestion, even after the stress of the show.

Jt., hybrid

12-year-old Jt is a pet, a foundling fed by his adoptive owners with a syringe. So much love and gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. 😊 Today, he is an older cat owner, preferring to laze on the couch. He was most troubled by repeated constipation, for which the owners had to administer lactulose. He had defecation problems and did not pass stools regularly every day.

We were interested in problems with constipation, so we included Jt in the study to find out how PMka copes with it. Result?

Improvement: Within two weeks.

“Using precision microbes is simple, and anyone can do it. We always added the product to the can in the evening. The dosage is also simple, 1 ml per 1 kg, i.e. Just draw 6.5 ml into the syringe and add to the feed. Our cat’s stools have improved. It is now regular (every day) and well-formed. Previously, he was occasionally constipated, and sometimes we had to give him lactulose to relieve him. He had a bowel movement every day during the administration of the product.’


Daya, a Canadian Sphynx

According to the owner, Daya is a darling who loves to roll in bed and is very greedy.

The only thing that bothered her owner was constant diarrhea and difficulty defecating. In her words, the owner has tried “perhaps everything available” – from charcoal, various probiotics, and humic to various granules. Without success.

Improvement: about three weeks

“A significant change occurred after three weeks of use when the consistency stabilized. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new. Our problem is a long-term one, and where I was already at a loss, I finally found a solution.”


We are glad we could be part of this solution with Precision Microbes.


Cedrik of Pikcats and Cicero of Pikcats, Maine coons


Two Maine Coon brothers, Cedrik and Cicero, and cat lady Arwen and their lady owner live in an apartment where they enjoy comfort. Both of their lives were spoiled by flatulence, Cedrik also often suffered from diarrhea, and the submissive Cicero had stress problems, manifested by fear and peeing outside the toilet.

Improvement: Within two weeks,

the owner’s assessment: “Cicero still occasionally has diarrhea and farts, but it is not so frequent anymore. He pees less outside the toilet.

Cedrik doesn’t let out as much wind anymore, his poop is formed. The precision microbes have helped; he doesn’t have diarrhea as often, he doesn’t have wind, and he doesn’t smell as bad anymore. Precision microbes really help. I recommend it to everyone.”




So what to add?

You just have to try the Precision microbes. Their support for the overall condition of the animals is amazing!