Precision Microbes launch #30for 30 campaign

This January, we are delighted to launch our #30for30 campaign

Each day in January, we will hear a success story from a Precision Microbes customer who has used our calf products.

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Let Tommy explain a little more

Why feed Precision Microbes 30 ml for 30 days

Also, the main message is to promote long-term usage of 30mls for 30 days, Starting at birth, 30mls daily for 30 days for each calf. Benefits:

1. Precision Microbes is highly palatable and helps with appetite.

2. It can be fed from day 1 in milk.

3. Can be used with auto-feeders

4. Precision Microbes can help performance and growth rates (ref study).

5. Across all trials, farms on Precision Microbes long-term, have seen a significant reduction in calf diarrhoea.

6. Precision Microbes can help support calf immunity (with 70% of immunity being gut based)

7. Enterococcus faecium NCIMB10415 also is licensed for gut stabilization

8. Calves that get scour when they are on Precision Microbes, long-term, have been seen to recover faster when topped up with 30mls extra a day for 3-4 days.

9. Many Irish farmers continued to feed Precision Microbes 30mls per calf daily for longer right up to weaning because they saw a positive difference in the calves.

10. Precision Microbes is also an ideal product for calf rearing and dairy to beef. Feed 30 ml daily from arrival to weaning, feeding through milk.

What our customers have to say