There are many different ways in which the microbes work, some in aerobic conditions and others in anaerobic conditions, some use light for photosynthesis, others inhabit the rhizosphere and some actually enter the plant and keep the internal veins clear helping moisture movement. Specially selected microorganisms, that are included in special blends, neutralise fungal attacks that threaten various specific plant species.

The different microbes that inhabit the rhizosphere do different things there also. Some fix nitrogen, some breakdown organic matter allowing easy absorption by the plant and others actually shield the roots from detection by pathogens and pests.

In a sand based environment, the percolation rates are higher than normal, the introduction of beneficial microbes increases CEC and nutrients are better assimilated and held in the root zone, thus reducing run-off. During grow in, the seed contains enough energy to germinate and develop roots but at the second stage leaf growth the correct nutrients have to be made available and without the correct microbial content in the growing medium, it can be difficult to achieve all the required results such as root development and plant health.