Raceyard sees results with Precision Microbes

The Precision team has been working on some trials with the Ryan family Gillian and her Dad. They have seen the benefits of PM equine in several horses and are now using it in their yard.

They are well known and successful national hunt racing yard, so it is a real privilege to see their positive feedback on our complementary feed.

We went down to talk to Gillian and get her feedback.

“My name is Gillian Ryan I’m an assistant trainer here to my dad John Patrick Ryan in Fairy hill in North Tipperary. Gut health in horses is so crucial for race horses who are under stress. Good gut health is a great baseline or foundation for horses in training.

We had heard lots of positive stories about Precision Microbes from local farmers and a family friend had seen great results in his horses. We actually carried out a trial with three complex cases in the yard.

They had full workups done, and we suspected gut issues to be an underlying problem. With all three over the 6-week trials, we have seen significant improvements in health. One particular mare transformed over this period. The big thing was an improvement of appetite and fewer gut issues in any horses we have used Precision Microbes on. Also all three trial horses, there was a notable change in behavior.

We definitely would recommend this product.