Rahela herd in Co Kerry has seen the benefits of Precision Microbes

Johnny O’Hanlon runs a herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows (the Rahela herd) on Golden Hill farm outside Tralee Co Kerry, Milking 120 cows in autumn and spring.

Johnny is a real innovator and farmer trying several unique approaches. Engaged with state-of-the-art technology and also adopting regenerative principles around cropping.

Having spoken to Johnny over the years he has always inspired me with his intellect and ability to try new technologies and ideas. You can meet Johnny at global dairy conferences where he is always looking to chase and see the latest research in dairy farming and science.

He has been using Precision Microbes calf pro and postbiotics since it was launched at 30mls per calf per day. He is happy with it as another tool along with good management to get aid and improve calf performance. It fits in with his principles of supporting immunity on every level on the farm.

A critical thinker who kindly shared his time and ideas with us.


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