Environmental microbes

The team at precision microbes harness the power of nature in all their product applications.

Another fascinating application of microbes is our environmental products. For example, these live blends of lactobacillus bacteria help control the bacteria in animal housing.


How they work

By using live beneficial bacteria in a liquid, we again use these microbes in their best format. We have done an enormous amount of research developing this unique environmental blend. When they are fogged or misted into the environment, we are taking control of the microbial population.

These blends we use have good commensals (LAB) that will colonize the environment and inhibit other pathogens.

We are constantly battling between good and bad bacteria. By controlling and using our beneficial bacteria, we can maintain the bacteria in the animal’s housing.

Watch our video below to find out more and see the products being used.


We have a robust environmental plus base layer applied first to housing when cleaned and washed out. Then the environmental microbes product can be fogged in or misted using automatic systems.

The bacteria compete with and inhibit harmful pathogens. This means the environment is colonized with good bacteria. The more regularly we do this, the better. In intensive indoor systems, these products can be automated using misting systems.

Using the misting, we also improve air quality for housed animals. In addition, the composting effect in bedding means that we have a reduction in ammonia and harmful gasses.

Regular application from the beginning and throughout housing is the key to success.

Added benefits

Using environmental microbes controls the composting effect on straw bedding. This means animal bedding is drier and less bedding is used.

We also improve the composting and fertilizer quality of any recycled bedding.

Using live beneficial microorganisms (lactobacilli) in an aerosol format also helps with air quality and can only add to respiratory health in our animals.

Talk to the precision microbes team today about the various applications of our unique environmental products.

They can be used

  • In loose livestock bedding like straw and sawdust
  • They can be used in horse stables
  • In all indoor intensive livestock systems like poultry and pigs
  • They are suitable for use in all indoor environments where animals are being kept.