Precision Microbes

Precision Microbes is a microbiology company based in Ireland. We are involved in biome and biological innovation in the animal health market. We have developed unique liquid Probiotic and postbiotic solutions for the swine industry. Our products are focused on harnessing the power of nature to optimise productivity and health.

We believe all health begins in the gut and in pig farming we believe in a biome-based approach is the future of production and performance.

Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for Piglets

One of the many challenges for young piglets is enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) before and after weaning. These challenges can be multifactorial in pig units. Precision Microbes is designed specifically to help recovery and gut stabilisation following enteritis or diarrhoea in young pigs.

Check out our study done on young piglets where we seen a massive reduction in scours.

With the growing challenge of AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) and the need to reduce antibiotic usage and eliminate the use of Zinc Oxide Precision Microbes is a unique solution to the pig veterinary market.

The piglet probiotics contain Enterococcus Lactis NCIMB 10415 which is licensed for gut stabilisation under veterinary supervision.

Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic liquid solution is a unique innovative biological solution for the pig market.

Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Calves

Why it works so well?

When administered early as part of supportive care in piglet diarrhoea, it is extremely effective at gut stabilisation.

This a biological product that helps and aids recovery.

Precision Microbes can also be used for underperforming piglets or piglets during periods of stress or recovering from other diseases.

This liquid solution contains beneficial bacteria in a live dormant state in a pH controlled environment with all their metabolites/postbiotics.

Long term usage of probiotics can be considered in piglets to help improve digestive health and support immunity.

We also have a farm biome approach where sows and gilts can be fed our product daily through their feed.

Advanced Gut Stabiliser 300ml

This is a pre, pro and postbiotic for very young pigs. It comes in a 300ml bottle. The prebiotic within this product has an antimicrobial effect, targeting E.coli. • Every newborn pig can be given 2ml at birth where there is an E. coli challenge. The pro and postbiotics will support good gut health in the newborn pig.

This product can also be targeted at hospital pens and very sick pigs at a dose rate of 1ml per kg for 3-5 days.


Independent trial carried out Feb 2024 by Keith O Mahony in McAuliffe’s farm Co Kerry.

At farrowing pigs sows were assigned to different groups. The control group of 220 piglets was not given any treatment. A treatment group of 220 was also administered AGS at birth but stayed on PM up until 28 days.
On average, from the 42 litters recorded as part of the trial, each sow produced 15.5 alive piglets. Piglets were given one dose of AGS orally at birth via a syringe (2ml/piglet). Thereafter, PM was administered via drinking water in turkey drinkers in the pen. It was given for 7 days in water to one group and for the first 20 days. At day 21 it was then mixed into the feed. Results Piglets were weighed at birth and were re-weighed at weeks three and four. Keith says there was a positive increase in the ADG of piglets within treatment was observed.
“Implementing AGS at birth and Precision Microbes probiotics postbiotic liquid showed a difference of 40.48g between the control and long term treatment group. This is an 18.6% difference in ADG up to 28 days.


“We routinely use Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic 1L for Piglets and Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabilizer 300ml on our unit. Weaker pigs are given Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets 1L after birth. At the first sign of scour, pigs are dosed with Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabilizer 300ml and then given a second dose the following day. It has significantly reduced our antibiotic usage. I would recommend Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets 1L and Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabilizer 300ml to anyone wanting to improve the health of their pigs without the use of antibiotics.”

Shane Fives

Pig Farmer, Co. Waterford

“We have been using Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets 1L for the past 12 months. We first started using the product on gilt litters but after seeing such a great response in the pigs we now use it on every litter. We administer it for 7 days (morning & evening) and have seen a massive improvement in pig health and performance. I would definitely recommend Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets 1L.”

Dick Togher

Pig Farmer, Co. Roscommon

“After discussing the challenges in the farrowing house with the Interchem Swine team and Precision Microbes, we put together a protocol involving 2ml/pig of Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabiliser at birth followed by Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets through the milk replacer. Since it’s addition, mortality has reduced by 50% and the incidence of scour is significantly less. I would recommend Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabiliser and Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic for Piglets.”

Pat O'connor

Pig Farmer, Co. Cork

“We have been using Precision Microbes Probiotic and Postbiotic in our sow diet for over a year. Since its addition, I feel that creep intake has improved in the farrowing rooms. Scour has significantly reduced in the farrowing rooms, resulting in virtually no piglet treatment needed. I would, based on my experience, certainly recommend the use of Percision Microbes Probiotics and Postbiotics to improve overall health in the sow herd.”

Robert Dowley

Pig Farmer, Co. Kilkenny