All plants, in conjunction with their microbiome, have their own natural defences against pest and pathogen attack. In the plant kingdom we regularly refer to their microbiome as the “life in the soil”, although this is not quite accurate. Microbes in the plant’s microbiome, as in the animal microbiome, are everywhere. Some live in the phyllosphere, some in the rhizosphere and some actually enter the plant and live in the endosphere. They all have their own little jobs to do and form part of the microbe community or microbiome. When plants have all the correct microbes present in their microbiome, they grow strong and healthy with higher levels of minerals and nutrients in their tissue samples.

The different microbes that inhabit the rhizosphere all perform different functions. Some fix nitrogen, some breakdown organic matter allowing easy absorption by the plant and others shield the roots from detection by pathogens and pests. Microbes in the phyllosphere keep the above ground part of the plant healthy, just like the microbes that live on our skin help protect us. Some of them use light for photosynthesis and others prevent fungal disease spores from germinating. The microbes that enter the plant itself keep the internal veins clear helping moisture movement.

Our products should not be confused with compost teas which are produced aerobically. Our products contain a blend of microbes, some of which are propagated aerobically, and others anaerobically and then blended to produce the final product.