Imagine if you did not have
to hollow core your greens
ever again!

Why Hollow Core Golf Greens?

• Thatch reduction.
• Rootzone aeration.
• Reduce Organic Matter levels.
• Reduce compaction.
• Best practice until now!

Why Nobody Likes Hollow Cored Greens.

• Disruption to play.
• Reduction in green fees.
• Members upset due to uneven green surfaces.
• Manpower.
• Cost.

Precision Microbes
Proven Biological Renovation

• No disruption to play
• Black layer removal
• Improved water infi ltration
• Quality greens and happy players
• Better greens performance during winter

• Accelerated thatch and organic
matter removal
• Maintenance costs reduction
and increase in green fees revenue
• No more need to hollow core greens!