Precision Bio-Vault® – For ornamental plants grown in soil, containers / pots, planters and hanging baskets.

Application areas
Application of Precision Bio-Vault® in soil or growing medium for ornamental plants grown in pots.

The producers of ornamental plants in soil or pots, garden centres and private households.

Advocated effects
The polymer is capable of absorbing and retaining large amounts of water and nutrients dissolved therein. In this way, the plant will have an additional useful water reserve that will provide it with a regular and extended water supply, enabling it to overcome longer periods of drought without suffering water stress.

The increased water availability in the soil or growing medium, not only maintains the plants in full turgor (strength), even if it happens that they are not watered continuously as usual ( e.g. in garden watering – irregular weekends and in pot watering – not during vacations), but also extends irrigation intervals, which results in substantial water savings.

Application Method
Before potting, mix homogeneously the dried granules of Precision Bio-Vault® with the soil or growing medium. After filling the pots with the mixture and transplanting seedlings, water the containers or pots up to full saturation of the soil or substrate / growing medium support to enable the polymer to inflate. During pot filling, decrease the amount of soil or growing medium by around 15% to compensate for the volume increase due to swelling of the polymer. Finish filling the pots with an untreated 2 cm layer of soil or growing medium (see attached diagram). After the first watering, continue to water the plants as needed.


Dosage for plants in containers / pots and planters
We recommend mixing the Precision Bio-Vault® homogeneously with soil or growing medium at a rate of 2-3 g/L. Finally, the rate of application will be selected according to the quality of the soil or growing medium used. Choose a rate of 2 g/L for substrates rich in peat and a rate of 3 g/L for poor peat substrates.