Team Hynes see the response from PM calf pro and postbiotics

This week Tommy the vet went to meet Peter and Paula Hynes on their farm in Aherla Co Cork.

He went to talk about microbes but ended up talking about a lot more.

“I visited the Hynes family this week to talk about calf health and microbes. A very well-known farming family and big agvocates.

We discuss successful calf rearing and the need for being consistent around the basics.

They also talk about the difference PM calf pro and postbiotic liquids have made on their dairy farm. They are now feeding 30mls per calf a day and seeing the difference in calf performance and health.

We also discuss their own farming business and lessons learned over the years. We end with outlooks on local and global issues.

Thanks to the Hynes family having me down to hear their story.”