Cian O Connor international showjumper gives very positive feedback on Precision microbes equine.

Cian O’Connor Olympic medal winning showjumper, coach and international horse producer gives feedback on Precision Microbes equine unique liquid.

They started on a number of horses and were delighted with the results. Now all horses in the Karlswood stables, including those traveling are on Precision Microbe’s in their feed daily. It is really exciting for the team at PM to get feedback from such a well recognized person in the industry. These are gamechangers in equine gut health.

Very palatable unique liquid complementary feed designed to optimise gut health and digestion.

This is a must try supplement for any competition or performance horse.


Nicola Hughes from Macetown stables talks about Precision Microbes equine complementary feed

Nicola runs Macetown Stables in Co Meath. Like many horse owners, she started using Precision Microbes on the recommendation of her vet on a problem horse.

Seeing the difference in hindgut health and condition she started more of her horses on the product. She now feeds Precision Microbes daily 100mls in morning feeds in all her horses.



Kate Colbert talks about her experience with Precision Microbes in her horse Dave

Kate was recommended to try Precision Microbes in her horse Dave following a long course of antibiotics for pneumonia.

Listen to her tell the story of the transformation she has seen in Dave over the last number of weeks.



Alana and Aidan Howard talk Precision Microbes equine complementary liquid feed

We caught up with Alana in Aidan Howard’s racing yard to talk about their experiences with Precision MIcrobes’ unique complementary feed. 100mls daily in feed supporting digestive health


Aileen Kennedy talks about Precision Microbes equine Complementary feed

We visited Alieen to hear about her experience with Precision Microbes equine complementary feed in Chestnut Grove equine.

She started with one horse with loose faeces and poor digestion. Seeing the transformation over the next few weeks, she has several horses on Precision Microbes.

100mls daily in feed PM is a game changer for gut health in horses. For more details email us on


Sorcha North a showjumper in Co Galway sees a big transformation over six weeks 

We visited Sorhca North in Ballinasloe Co Galway to see the transformation in her horse Lenteslam. As she says herself when he arrived he was a big raw

horse that needed some attention after traveling and settling in. While they focused heavily on optimizing his diet, it wasn’t until they combined this with

Precision Microbes daily they started seeing a real transformation.

He went on 100mls daily in feed and like all horses loved the palatbility and Sorhca loved the results.

Listen below to what she had to say about Precision Microbes daily in feed to optimize digestion.


Janet Clifford Co Tipperry talks about the transformation she has seen in her horse Setanta

This week we visited Janet Clifford to talk about the transformation she has seen in her horse Setanta.

He has been on Precision MIcrobes for the last 6 months and Janet has seen a big transformation with him putting on condition and really getting the best from his feed.

Like so many horse owners Janet has seen the benefits of daily PM 100mls daily in feed. Designed specifically to optimise digestion.

By supporting better digestive health there are so many added benefits for your horse.


William Pilkington talks about Precision Microbes equine

After his vet recommended Precision Microbes unique liquid complementary feed William started seeing great results with foals with scour the vet had him using 50mls twice daily for 4-5 days.

He now has been using Precision Microbes more long term in Mares at 100mls daily in feed.

For more information contact us on


Gordon Elliotts racing yard sees the benefits of Precision Microbes’ equine

Tommy Heffernan consultant vet with PM visited Gordon Elliott’s racing yard in Co Meath to see how Precision Microbes equine complementary feed is delivering for the racing yard. We got a full tour of the amazing facilities. The excitement was palpable ahead of the Cheltenham racing festival 2023. We got to see the horses in training and also look at the regimes around managing a high-performing race yard.

Cossie McGivern also gave us phenomenal feedback on the results they are seeing with Precision Microbes in the horses running in Cheltenham.



Improving digestive health Julie Radden Co Wexford gives her thoughts on Precision Microbes 


We were delighted to visit Julie this week to hear her speak about the benefits of long-term feeding of Precision Microbes equine. From trial work we have done it’s nice to see this correlates practically

with results in horse yards.

By optimizing digestion and digestive health she is seeing the physical results of better feed utilization.

She is feeding 100mls of Precision Microbes daily in feed to all her horses she is showing and during periods of stress.

Like so many horse owners Julie can see the benefits in her horses on Precision Microbes.


Belmont House Stud sees the benefits of Precision Microbes equine

We visited Andrea Etter of Belmont House Stud recently. She has been trialing Precision Microbes equine on a number of horses for 50 days, Each horse has been getting 100mls daily in feed. She had picked five horses to trial the product on. She has used it previously on horses recovering from dietary upsets.

She was very happy with the results by optimizing digestive health she has seen a significant difference in weight gain and performance in the horses.

Precision Microbes is an ideal supplement to use on horses where you want to improve weight gain and digestive health. For more information on Precision Microbes equine liquid blend contact us on


Vet Danielle Cusack talks about her experience with PM Equine.

I’ve tried many supplements and was initially worried about Precision Microbes putting Jade off her feed. Thankfully I found the opposite, and it actually is very palatable and in fact helped with her appetite.

With my show horse, Jade I have seen her appetite improve but also her coat has improved. I also found it easier to keep the condition on her with minimal excess feeding. This was huge for me not to have to push her with feed, and she is not as bloated as she was prior to using PM. She is a lot happier in herself now.

I always like to use something myself before I recommend something to my clients. I’m now very happy to recommend Precision Microbes.

It is also nice to have something to give digestive upsets in foals other than antibiotics to aid digestion in the recovery period. I’m looking forward to using it more with my clients during the next breeding season.


Jason Furlong Scarteen house talks Precision Microbes equine

Last week, we met with Jason Furlong at Chris and Sue Ryan’s Scarteen House, a stronghold for producing young eventers, cobs, and hunters in county Limerick. Jason discussed their experience using precision microbes since August 2022.

They used it on younger yearling foals and saw a transformation and Jason discusses in the video how happy he was.

Ideal supplement fed daily in feed to help support digestion and better hindgut health.


Laura Smart and her horse Elsa see huge benefits with Precision Microbes equine

We were delighted to get this video from Laura about her horse ELsa. She had some issues with Elsa since she purchased her and having tried several supplements she

was recommended to try Precision Microbes equine daily in her feed. 100mls daily in feed and after a short period of time she noticed a massive difference in Elsa.

She began putting on condition and that distinctive Precision  Microbes shine started to appear. Her frequent defecation started to resolve and she became a happy and easy-to-manage horse.

As Laura says peopel just need to try Precision Microbes in their horse to see the difference. 


Michael Orlandi Compass stallions and horse breeder

My vet recommended it to me for helping with foal diarrhoea to aid digestion when they were recovering. I was very skeptical, to begin with. I tried it with some foals to help their digestive systems after diarrhoea and tt worked very well on all the foals to help them recover digestive health. Then I used it on an older stallion with loose droppings. He improved straight away.

I then tried it on some yearlings for sale and treated some and left some untreated. Our best sales results were the yearlings on Precision Microbes.

After that, we have taken a view that all stock in the yard will be on this product as a daily feed supplement. Why because it’s a natural product and it delivers a physical result in the horse and in the sales ring.


Precision Microbes visited Lissyegan Stables in Co Galway

The Precision team joined Lisa Devane from Interchem to look at some Sport Horses on different trials with Precision Microbes. We visited Damien and Fiona who own and run the yard to see what results they were seeing.


John and Gillian Ryan Racehorse trainers in Co Tipperary

Precision Microbes recently visited John and Gillian Ryan in their race yard in Templemore. Here are their story and trial results on Pm equine. We had heard many positive stories about Precision Microbes from local farmers, and a family friend had seen great results in his horses. We carried out a trial with three complex cases in the yard. They had full workups done, and we suspected gut issues to be an underlying problem. With all three over the 6-week trials we have seen significant improvements in health. One particular mare transformed over this period. The big thing was an improvement in appetite and fewer gut issues in any horses we have used Precision Microbes on. Also all three trial horses, there was a notable change in behaviour. We definitely would recommend this product.

McKenzie Ray owner of Oakingham stud and show jumping yard in the UK

“We are a show jumping yard trying to build excellence for the future is our plan. We do a lot of pf breeding and try to produce them to a top level. I heard it from Ann, a vet from Fethard Equine Hospital. She said to try it, and I wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed with the results. One particular horse we started on it he was a completely different horse. He went from being dull to gleaming, and also, he is a lot happier in his character, which makes a big difference in my life. I use it on 5-6 horses now; in every case, I’ve seen a big difference. I never recommend anything I haven’t used in the yard myself. So, I’m happy to recommend Precision Microbes. The results have been excellent.


Tara Kinsella horse owner Toberpatrick Co Wicklow talks PM equine.

The big changes we saw were with temperament and coat. Dandy’s gut health really improved as well on Precision Microbes. I used Precision Microbes equine on two of our horses. Both of them, I was delighted with the results. Dandy, our young stallions’ gut health and behaviour were notably different after 2 weeks. He was full in himself and a very happy horse. He had a shine off his coat that everyone now comments on and also his overall behaviour really improved. I also used it on a show mare with dry skin and dandruff issues. Her coat really improved after 2-3 weeks, along with her being much more content and settled in herself. It is very palatable and easy to use in feed daily.


Visiting the McKeowns who are Precision Microbes equine ambassadors in the West of Ireland

Tommy Heffernan our veterinary consultant visited the McKeown family in Co Sligo in January. They are ambassadors for Precision Microbes’ equine complementary feed. They are using 80mls daily in a number of their ponies have seen the benefits

Tom Meagher talks about PM equine results. 

Tom Meagher, a well-known national hunt breeder, talks about Precision Microbes equine We visited Tom in Monanore stables to see his wonderful stock and the fantastic results with Precision Microbes equine. He is feeding his breeding stock 100mls daily in feed. Listen to what Tom has to say about the results.


Eamon Sheehan a sports horse breeder and dairy farmer talks about our equine complementary feed

Eamon farms with his family in Co Kilkenny he runs a dairy farm and a successful sport horse breeding business. Always striving to be the best at what he does. He talks in this video about the success with Precision Microbes liquid complementary horse feed


Dr Christian Tanczos Austria 

Christian is the equine vet for the Spanish riding school in Vienna. He ran a trial on 13 stallions over 21 days to see the products working on hindgut issues they were having with Faecal Water syndrome.

After 3 days 12/13 stallions were back to normal, with the 13th coming right shortly after on a slightly higher dose.

“The results are really really good this is the future of animal medicine”


Amanda Mooney horse trainer talks about Precision Microbes

Amanda talks about her experience with her horse no say ever who went on Precision Microbes and saw a complete transformation over 5 weeks.


Equine testimonial from Clare Cannon

Clare runs Behind the Stable Door in Bangor Co Down. She used Precision Microbes equine on one of her two-year-olds. She noticed what other people see as improved appetite and behaviour, and her coat improved.


Donna Vowles stud Manager, Kiltinan Stud, Co. Tipperary

“I had been using Precison Microbes for about 18 months on thoroughbred mares and youngstock under my care at work for various reasons with great results when I decided to start my own show horse on the microbes as we prepared for Dublin Horse show.

My horse has no trouble carrying condition as everybody knows but as he’s gotten older I was finding his coat wasn’t getting the same deep, even colour as when he was a younger horse and we had also experienced changes in his droppings in times of stress or routine changes.

JD can be fussy with changes to his feed but I experienced no trouble with starting him on the Precision with him readily taking it in his water or feed within 10 – 14 days the appearance of his coat improved dramatically and we were no longer seeing changes in his droppings on show days or during periods of excitement.

Another change I noticed was his appetite remained constant on show mornings and when staying away at shows overnight whereas previously he would back off his feed when out of routine.

JD is blossoming again since starting the Microbes and so many people have commented on the horse never looking better in himself and how he is looking younger and fresher than ever with judges not believing his age.”

Padraig O Connell

Padraig O Reilly, Equine Vet and partner in five vet practice Mullingar Equine Vets, Co Westmeath

I began using the liquid precision products this spring.

You are always looking for products to support and help aid recovery from digestive upsets.

I found the products brilliant in foals recovering from diarrhea and helping with returning normal gut health.

We began using the products with our clients and now find a lot of them keep coming back for the product. All the vets in the practice are now using this routinely especially in young foals and horses that have had digestive problems.

With the success of the product in supportive care we began seeing customers putting horses on the product daily to support better gut health and digestion. The feedback already with this application has been brilliant.

These products have now become part of our treatment routines or follow up care in horses with digestive issues.

The long term usage is also something that clients are getting results with and I see this growing by itself.

Padraig O Connell

Bizzy Loffet talks about the transformation she has seen with her horse Jack

Jack has been on Precision Microbes for six weeks 100mls daily of our liquid complementary feed. Here is what Bizzy has to say.

“Jack is a 4yo tall, lightweight event stamp with a relatively sharp, sometimes anxious personality and since having him on the Precision Microbes

partnered with a consistent work routine he has been easier to handle on the ground, such as leading in from the field, tacking up etc.

Jack’s muscle tone has improved dramatically and he currently looks a picture of health. He has also become more willing in his ridden work.”


Precision Microbes is available in the UK contact


Padraig O Connell

Brian Murphy Co Kilkenny sees the difference in horses in his yard on Precision Microbes

Precision Microbes was first used on the horses that were heading to Dublin Horse Show. With so many changes such as routine, roughage and atmosphere it was important to keep their digestive tract right. The horses all grubbed up and none had a change in droppings or gut function, which can happen on a big week like the RDS.

A 3yr old horse was purchased early in September and was put straight onto Precision Microbes. Within 3 weeks there were some noticeable changes, such as:
Coat condition, he has a shine and gloss to his coat now and has lost the dull, rough coat he had at purchase.
Body condition, for such a big, raw horse he has put on great condition without being stuffed with concentrates. He has now started the breaking process and most importantly is holding his condition with work. 
A great product that works from the inside out, to improve not only the horses coat but also how they utilise their feed.
Horses will be kept on maintenance dose throughout the winter to get a head start on next year’s show season.
Brian Murphy
Padraig O Connell

Emma McCauley Sparrow equestrian

Precision microbes are a game changer in equine gut health. I decided to trial it on my horse Jack Sparrow for 30 days as he has had gastric issues including colic, ulcers, and leaky gut syndrome since I bought him and no previous treatments had really solved it, and when grass or haylage would change he could scour for weeks. My horse 30 days ago had very loose droppings and liquid running down his legs and was very miserable  and now I can proudly say I found a miracle cure and he now has solid droppings for the first time in 3 years and is less bloated overall a much happier horse! Delighted I took this leap and trialed precision microbes will be recommending it to all my clients!

Padraig O Connell

Vet Deanna Rooney DVM. 

“An amazing turnaround in just 5 weeks on a new feed program alongside Precision Microbes. I believe the Precision Microbes product not only smoothed the transition onto a new feeding regime but maximized digestion and feed utilization to give super results in a short space of time. I would highly recommend it for both building and maintaining condition in horses.”

Padraig O Connell
Padraig O Connell
Padraig O Connell

Ginny Hutton Horse owner

“I used Precision Microbes for a thoroughbred foal that had a couple of bouts of “intestinal disturbance”- because of this he had been on two different courses of antibiotics in three months.

My vet recommended this Precision Microbes liquid supplement, to try and rebalance his gut flora, and I am happy to say it seems to have turned the foal inside out.

It’s easy to administer and smells good enough to drink yourself. Highly recommended”

Padraig O Connell

Dawn Preston Horse owner Dressage

Even after treatment, he was still somewhat unpredictable, and terrible to girth up and groom, particularly on his o/s. Saddling him up was a lengthy process as he was bloated and held himself rigid even after he scoped clear.
Following a change of forage, he was uncomfortable, gassy, and bloated. My routine vet suggested we try Precision as he had success with several similar horses.
I added 100mls per day to a feed.

There was no problem with the administration as it smells terrific. But, after day 4,” what a noticeable difference “he wasn’t bloated and the best to groom, girth up he has ever been.

I didn’t go looking for results. They were just there fact!
Blue is better at his work and overall well-being. His eyes are big shiny and soft; his coat looks fantastic too. There is also no hesitation in loading into the lorry either.
We have, over the years, tried a lot of products at great expense to try and help him. At last, I do believe it’s happened.
I would highly recommend this product; it’s cost-effective, palatable, and really works!

Padraig O Connell

Ann Derham, Equine surgeon in Coolmore, Co Tipperary

I think Precision Microbes is a fantastic new product that is very reasonably priced, the horses find it very palatable and above all else- is so easy to use compared to other supplements on the market.

I carry out a lot of dental work and as a result, I see many horses with nutritional issues that are not thriving or doing well, I have found Precision Microbes really effective in this area. I have been using it a lot for colic and diarrhea cases also- while it isn’t replacing the treatment of gastric ulcers, I think after treatment has taken place it is a great additive to use. We are seeing great benefits in this area, in particular the sports horse industry.

Our clients that are using Precision Microbes have reported that they have no repeat occurrences of colic. Along with the sports horse industry, I think there is huge potential to use it in the breeding industry for Broodmares for both pre and post foaling.”

Padraig O Connell

Catriona Mullingar, Equine hospital – Practice manager

Since first stocking the Precision Microbes, we have found that it has been flying off our shelf. Our clients generally use the Precision Microbes for the long term as appose to short-term use.

Multiple stud owners have been using the product on all their stock- the stallions, mares, and foals included the reviews we have heard back from these customers have been good.

A general trend has formed whereby if a client purchases Precision Microbes for one animal they seem to come back for more of the product to start another animal on it too. All in all, the Precision microbes seems very popular.

Padraig O Connell