End-user Testimonials

Listen to what the end-users have to say about the Precision Microbes products.

Pet owner testimonials 

We are delighted to introduce our very first long-term Precision pets user Olivia O Gorman and her two little boys Hunter and Cooper.

Listen to her story about using our unique liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution.

We are now seeing more and more pet owners giving feedback on long-term daily usage and how it is transforming digestive health in both cats and dogs.

Big thanks to @reblvizslas for being our very first customers and seeing the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome. Also, check out Olivia’s new dog training business @canineconnect.irl on Instagram.

Precision microbes pet products are available for pet owners now through your veterinary practice.

CASE STUDY: From north Dublin cat rescue volunteer Robin

Female and Male purebred Ragdolls, each approx 1.5 yrs old, both rescue cats with poor immune systems and systemic inflammation affecting their guts and ears. The female had chronic diarrhoea and gas, and the male had intermittent vomiting. The cats were on a strict suitable diet (systematically tried a few options) for their symptoms, which helped but did not control their symptoms. The regular use of over the counter and vet-prescribed probiotics were introduced, which were helpful but not fully effective.



The cats started daily on Precision Microbes on 25 August, 2021. They did not like the smell and refused it, which was not surprising as they refuse most everything (including cat treats). I weighed each cat and easily and quickly measured the appropriate volume (ml dose) of probiotic for them, mixing it in their wet food. After a few minutes, they picked at the food. By the second day, they were eating everything up with no difficulty.


WEEK 1 RECORD – Their poop is much firmer, and slightly less stinky and slimy after these few days. The two cats initially responded better to Precision Microbes than to the over the counter and other probiotics.


WEEK 3 RECORD – The male has no more vomiting (although I’ve also changed his diet to fish only, as he can’t seem to handle tough meat protein), and his fur has become fluffy and magnificent. The female still has soft stools, but much more solid than she ever had, and much less frequent (two bowel movements a day, down from five). Also, no more toxic farts and her coat has improved a lot. She has additionally put on weight and is more active (appears to be absorbing the nutrition from her food).


WEEK 5 RECORD – same success as with week 3, with an improvement that the female has even firmer stools.

Before PM

Before                                                         After 2 weeks on precision microbes

Before                                               After 2 weeks on precision microbes

Case study in calves

Listen to how Elizabeth O Brien from Co Wexford got on using Precision Microbes calf probiotic and postbiotic liquids.

They run a very successful dairy farm business in Co Wexford, milking 200 cows in a spring-based system.

The focus on good animal health is a core part of their business. However, it is their attention to detail that delivers for them.

They also have a strong focus on antibiotic reduction through preventative measures. As a result, our products have seen better calf performance and a considerable decrease in calf scours and diarrhea.

This has seen a reduction in antibiotic treatments and better overall calf health.

Continued success to the O Brien family in their farming business.

Precision Microbes dairy to beef testimonial

Dairy to beef Redmonds farm Co Wexford

The Precision microbes team visited Redmond’s farm in Wexford to meet with Farm manager Michael Rossiter.

Michael used our liquid probiotics and postbiotics in calves last year.

Redmonds farm rear 500 plus Angus heifer calves each year in their farm to fork award-winning beef enterprise.

Michael said that a group of 80 calves wasn’t thriving the way he wanted them to. But, having heard from another farmer about how well our products were working.

He put this batch of calves on 50mls per calf daily in milk for five days. After two days, he saw a tremendous response,

“Within two days, they had  stronger appetites and much more lively in themselves.”

As he said, “it turned that batch of calves inside out in a couple of days.”

Keep up the great work Michael and thanks to Redmond’s farms for using Precision Microbes calf probiotics and postbiotics.

Our calf probiotics are available through your local veterinary practitioner.

Video on Precision Microbes Horse complementary feed 

Listen to what Eammon Sheehan a horse breeder in Co Kilkenny had to say about Precision Microbes horse products

Customer story

“I used Precision Microbes for a thoroughbred foal that had a couple of bouts of “intestinal disturbance”- because of this he had been on two different courses of antibiotics in three months.

My vet recommended this Precision Microbes liquid supplement, to try and rebalance his gut flora, and I am happy to say it seems to have turned the foal inside out.

Its easy to administer and smells good enough to drink yourself. Highly recommended”

Ginny Hutton @mini.ginny (Instagram)