End-user Testimonials

Listen to what the end-users have to say about the Precision Microbes products.

Sally & Willows story on Precision Microbes Pet probiotic and postbiotic

Sally Holt talks about the huge transformation she has seen in her ten-year-old Shepard Willow. Willow had ongoing issues with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) which she was being treated for. Her vets suggested she try our product because they had been seeing some great results in patients. Listen to the dramatic transformation and the impact Precision Microbes has had.

Talking calf health and reducing antibiotics with PM calf

Raceyard sees results with Precision Microbes equine

MacKenzie Ray from Oakingham stud gives her feedback on PM equine

Pet owner testimonials 

We are delighted to introduce our very first long-term Precision pets user Olivia O Gorman and her two little boys Hunter and Cooper.

Listen to her story about using our unique liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution.

We are now seeing more and more pet owners giving feedback on long-term daily usage and how it is transforming digestive health in both cats and dogs.

Big thanks to @reblvizslas for being our very first customers and seeing the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome. Also, check out Olivia’s new dog training business @canineconnect.irl on Instagram.

Precision microbes pet products are available for pet owners now through your veterinary practice.

Tara Kinsella horse owner Toberpatrick Co Wicklow talks PM equine

he big changes we saw were with temperament and coat. Dandy’s gut health really improved as well on Precision Microbes. I used Precision Microbes equine on two of our horses. With both of them, I was delighted with the results. Dandy our young stallions’ gut health and behaviour were notably different after 2 weeks. He was full in himself and a very happy horse. He had a shine off his coat that everyone now comments on and also his overall behaviour really improved. I also used it on a show mare with dry skin and dandruff issues. Her coat really improved after 2-3 weeks, along with her being much more content and settled in herself. It is very palatable and easy to use in feed daily.

CASE STUDY: From north Dublin cat rescue volunteer Robin

Female and Male purebred Ragdolls, each approx 1.5 yrs old, both rescue cats with poor immune systems and systemic inflammation affecting their guts and ears. The female had chronic diarrhoea and gas, and the male had intermittent vomiting. The cats were on a strict suitable diet (systematically tried a few options) for their symptoms, which helped but did not control their symptoms. The regular use of over the counter and vet-prescribed probiotics were introduced, which were helpful but not fully effective.



The cats started daily on Precision Microbes on 25 August, 2021. They did not like the smell and refused it, which was not surprising as they refuse most everything (including cat treats). I weighed each cat and easily and quickly measured the appropriate volume (ml dose) of probiotic for them, mixing it in their wet food. After a few minutes, they picked at the food. By the second day, they were eating everything up with no difficulty.


WEEK 1 RECORD – Their poop is much firmer, and slightly less stinky and slimy after these few days. The two cats initially responded better to Precision Microbes than to the over the counter and other probiotics.


WEEK 3 RECORD – The male has no more vomiting (although I’ve also changed his diet to fish only, as he can’t seem to handle tough meat protein), and his fur has become fluffy and magnificent. The female still has soft stools, but much more solid than she ever had, and much less frequent (two bowel movements a day, down from five). Also, no more toxic farts and her coat has improved a lot. She has additionally put on weight and is more active (appears to be absorbing the nutrition from her food).


WEEK 5 RECORD – same success as with week 3, with an improvement that the female has even firmer stools.

Before PM

Before                                                         After 2 weeks on precision microbes

Before                                               After 2 weeks on precision microbes

Case study in calves

Listen to how Elizabeth O Brien from Co Wexford got on using Precision Microbes calf probiotic and postbiotic liquids.

They run a very successful dairy farm business in Co Wexford, milking 200 cows in a spring-based system.

The focus on good animal health is a core part of their business. However, it is their attention to detail that delivers for them.

They also have a strong focus on antibiotic reduction through preventative measures. As a result, our products have seen better calf performance and a considerable decrease in calf scours and diarrhea.

This has seen a reduction in antibiotic treatments and better overall calf health.

Continued success to the O Brien family in their farming business.

A game-changer in calf health

Donal and Marie Liston from Limerick talk about Precision Microbes calf probiotic and postbiotic.

They already have bought half of next year’s supply. A strong endorsement from the Listons on how effective Precision Microbes has been this year. While initially using 50mls daily to help calves with scour/diarrhoea recover, they moved to long-term usage giving 30mls daily to young calves from birth. We are delighted to see customers like Donal and Maire get the results with PM calf probiotics and postbiotics.

It is now also becoming very apparent to me that Precision Microbes is leaving calves healthier and massive reductions in traditional treatments like antibiotics

Precision Microbes dairy to beef testimonial

Dairy to beef Redmonds farm Co Wexford

The Precision microbes team visited Redmond’s farm in Wexford to meet with Farm manager Michael Rossiter.

Michael used our liquid probiotics and postbiotics in calves last year.

Redmonds farm rear 500 plus Angus heifer calves each year in their farm to fork award-winning beef enterprise.

Michael said that a group of 80 calves wasn’t thriving the way he wanted them to. But, having heard from another farmer about how well our products were working.

He put this batch of calves on 50mls per calf daily in milk for five days. After two days, he saw a tremendous response,

“Within two days, they had  stronger appetites and much more lively in themselves.”

As he said, “it turned that batch of calves inside out in a couple of days.”

Keep up the great work Michael and thanks to Redmond’s farms for using Precision Microbes calf probiotics and postbiotics.

Our calf probiotics are available through your local veterinary practitioner.

Listen to Anthony Burke talk about his experiences with Precision Microbes.

He farms in Tipperary and is contract-rearing dairy heifers.

This year is the first year he is using an automatic feeder.

Anthony explains when starting using Precision Microbes live got easier.

The calves are on 30ml daily for the first 10 days and then he reduces down the daily dose to 15 mls daily.

Anthony has seen better appetites, dung consistency and great thrive on his calves.

Precision Microbes is a game changer in calf health and really works well for anyone rearing calves.

Especially helping them get over the first week and stresses associated with changing diets and environment.

Precision Microbes Pro and postbiotics are available through your local veterinary practice.

Video on Precision Microbes Horse complementary feed 

Listen to what Eammon Sheehan a horse breeder in Co Kilkenny had to say about Precision Microbes horse products

A complete change in Blue on PM equine

My name is Dawn Preston. I am situated in Lincolnshire, UK.
I own a 17hh KWPN. Our discipline is dressage. Blue is my pride and joy but has not always been the easiest. Blue has a history of grade 3/ 4 stomach ulcers.

Even after treatment, he was still somewhat unpredictable,  terrible to girth up and groom, particularly on his o/s. Saddling him up was a lengthy process as he was bloated and held himself rigid even after he scoped clear.
Following a change of forage, he was uncomfortable, gassy, and bloated. My routine vet suggested we try Precision as he had success with several similar horses.
I added 100mls per day to a feed.

There was no problem with the administration as it smells terrific. But, after day 4,” what a noticeable difference “he wasn’t bloated and the best to groom, girth up he has ever been.

I didn’t go looking for results. They were just there fact!
Blue is better at his work and overall well-being. His eyes are big shiny and soft; his coat looks fantastic too. There is also no hesitation in loading into the lorry either.
We have, over the years, tried a lot of products at great expense to try and help him. At last, I do believe it’s happened.
I would highly recommend this product; it’s cost-effective, palatable, and really works!

Success in Compass Stallions 

The Precision Microbes team recently visited Michael Orlandi from compass equine and Compass stations.
Instagram handle @compasequine
He told us how his vet used Precision Microbes in young foals following scour and helping with recovery. He had such huge success with his foals that he started using Precision Microbes on his stallions and other stock on the farm.
When asked why Precision is in the results you see in the horses and the sale ring.

Tipperary national hunt breeder talks Precision Microbes equine and the fantastic results he is seeing

Customer story

“I used Precision Microbes for a thoroughbred foal that had a couple of bouts of “intestinal disturbance”- because of this he had been on two different courses of antibiotics in three months.

My vet recommended this Precision Microbes liquid supplement, to try and rebalance his gut flora, and I am happy to say it seems to have turned the foal inside out.

Its easy to administer and smells good enough to drink yourself. Highly recommended”

Ginny Hutton @mini.ginny (Instagram)

 Inga is a client of Carrick veterinary centre in Co Monaghan 

Name: Inga          D.O.B: 1/03/2020       Breed: Labrador     Weight: 27kg

B.C.S: 3 out of 5.

Occupation: Service dog for autistic children.

Trial dates: 23/09/21 to 23/12/21

Start of the trial (23/08/21)

Inga Presented with persistent Diarrhoea (D+) and Vomiting (V+) on and off. The D+ was semi-solid. Her food was changed to a sensitive food but made no difference in helping the D+ or V+. Inga is also eating a lot of grass when out for walks. Her coat is in bad condition. It was very dry and she was shedding a lot around the house. Inga is Lethargic and not very active for her age.

The Owner reported that Inga has a lot of gas and always has a bloated stomach. On palpation, Inga is quite tense on her stomach and does not like her stomach being touched.

End of the trial (23/11/2021)

After 3 months on the Precision Microbes probiotic once a day Inga is much improved. Her coat is now silky soft. She sheds a lot less than she did before the trial. The Persistent D+ and occasional V+ had stopped and she is no longer eating grass when out for a walk. Inga’s stomach is no longer bloated and tense to touch. She is not full of gas like she was before the trial or bloated.

After the trial, Inga’s overall health has improved greatly. The Owner reported that Inga has a lot more energy and is brighter in herself. Inga has a lot more energy to run around and play like a puppy is meant to.

The Owner has decided to keep Inga on the probiotic long-term due to the fantastic results she has seen in Inga. I have attached pictures below.



Probiotics trial in Puca the cat 

Name: Puca          D.O.B: 1/10/18       Breed: DSH     Weight: 3.7 kg

B.C.S: 3 out of 5.

Occupation: Family pet

Trial dates: 1/11/21 to 1/02/22


Start of the trial (01/11/21)

Puca presented to the practice with no energy and diarrhoea D+. On palpation of the stomach, she was very sore. The owner reported that Puca usually has D+ on and of every now and then. Puca was put on an antibiotic (metronidazole) to clear up any gut infection. She was also put on the Precision Microbes probiotics to help with gut health after the antibiotic.

The owner noted that she sheds a lot and never likes her belly area being touched as if she is sore.


End of trial (01/02/22)

Puca was back after 3 months for a check-up and the Owner could not be happier with the results. Puca no longer has abdominal pain and of D+, it cleared up after a month on the probiotic. On palpation of the stomach area, Puca was not in any discomfort and acutely allowed the vet to rub her belly. The owner could not believe the results, especially at home she is a lot more comfortable and will stretch out on the sofa which she never did before. Puca’s coat is a lot softer and she is not shedding as much around the house.

The owner noted that she is so happy with the results she will never be taking puca of the probiotic and she now has a very happy cat.

Before trial

Always hunched over and never really settles to get comfortable



After trial

A lot more comfortable in herself and will sleep peacefully on the sofa and the sunny windowsill when she gets a chance.

Kati and Kai

Read the story of Kai the greyhound from his loving owner Kati Koehne in Dublin.

When I adopted Kai, (my beautiful rescue greyhound), he was very stressed and it was obvious that his diet had been neglected for many years:(
He had chronic digestive issues and discomfort which, after many visits to the vet and endless tests, was diagnosed as IBS.
We struggled to relieve his symptoms unsuccessfully for 6 months, until one day I discovered Precision Microbes… Glory hallelujah!🤸🏼‍♀️🐾

Introducing it into his diet has been a life saver for both of us!

Kai is now healthy and full of joy, (and pooping normally!🎉)
He’s quickly learning how great life can be when he’s smothered in love and feeling good. ❤️
On the rare occasion he has an “off” day, I simply double his dose and he’s back to normal by the next day.

My vet now sells Precision Microbes and suggests using it to his other patients with digestive issues. They seem to be having great success as well.

I not only highly recommend Precision Microbes for their amazing product, but also for being the kindest, most wonderfully supportive and positive company.
They have helped me and Kai, and so many others as well. Thank you 🙏 🐾


Kati and Kai

Bruce Thompson dairy farmer in Portlaoise

“We were having a lot of issues with bloat and scour on our farm with calves 2-3 weeks old. Within a couple of days of using precision microbes, the calves cleared up. I found it works almost immediately for bloat. I couldn’t do without it now for calves.”

Peter Hynes from #teamhynes a Co Cork dairy farmer

“Had a nutritional scour on our farm that was causing problems with our calves. Had tried loads of different products with little success. Within 24 hours all calves were back drinking and standing up again and within 72 hours all calves were back their full amount of milk and looking much healthier and lively. Our goal is to keep our calves as healthy as possible during their time with us and Precision Microbes helps us do that.”

Ronan Siochru dairy farmer in Dingle Co Kerry

My calves had nutritional scour and came across PM on Twitter. I put the calves on a 5-day course of PM and by the third day the calves’ scour had cleared up and their appearance and overall health had improved massively.

Niall and John Mason talk about Precision Microbes calf pro and postbiotic liquids.

The team visited John and Niall on their dairy farm just outside Tralee Co Kerry. They milk 85 cows and their attention to detail is second to none. With good calf health, they spoke about how Precision Microbes were an extra tool for them this spring to improve calf health even further.

Behind the stable door endorses Precision Microbes Equine