End-user Testimonials

Listen to what the end-users have to say about the Precision Microbes products.

Listen to Eamon Sheehan as he talks about precision microbes complementary feed with beneficial bacteria.

Eamon is based in Co Kilkenny and as well as being a very successful dairy farmer he also is a well-known breeder of sports horses under the Cuffesgrange prefix.

He has a huge interest in this area of microbes after completing a Nuffield farming scholarship on AMR. Following the success of using our calf and environmental products, he began using precision horse products.

Listen to his story and feedback.

Continued success with all your activities on a busy family farm in Co Kilkenny and thanks for letting us see the wonderful stock you are breeding.

We are delighted to introduce our very first long-term Precision pets user Olivia O Gorman and her two little boys Hunter and Cooper.

Listen to her story about using our unique liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution.

We are now seeing more and more pet owners giving feedback on long-term daily usage and how it is transforming digestive health in both cats and dogs.

Big thanks to @reblvizslas for being our very first customers and seeing the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome. Also, check out Olivia’s new dog training business @canineconnect.irl on Instagram.

Precision microbes pet products are available for pet owners now through your veterinary practice.

Listen to how Elizabeth O Brien from Co Wexford got on using Precision Microbes calf probiotic and postbiotic liquids.

They run a very successful dairy farm business in Co Wexford, milking 200 cows in a spring-based system.

The focus on good animal health is a core part of their business. However, it is their attention to detail that delivers for them.

They also have a strong focus on antibiotic reduction through preventative measures. As a result, our products have seen better calf performance and a considerable decrease in calf scours and diarrhea.

This has seen a reduction in antibiotic treatments and better overall calf health.

Continued success to the O Brien family in their farming business.