Veterinary Testimonials

Listen to what vets have to say about the Precision Microbes products.

Padraig O Reilly

Padraig O Reilly is an Equine Vet and partner in 5 vet practice Mullingar Equine Vets based in Co Westmeath.

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I began using the liquid precision products this spring.

You are always looking for products to support and help aid recovery from digestive upsets.

I found the products brilliant in foals recovering from diarrhea and helping with returning normal gut health.

We began using the products with our clients and now find a lot of them keep coming back for the product. All the vets in the practice are now using this routinely especially in young foals and horses that have had digestive problems.

With the success of the product in supportive care we began seeing customers putting horses on the product daily to support better gut health and digestion. The feedback already with this application has been brilliant.

These products have now become part of our treatment routines or follow up care in horses with digestive issues.

The long term usage is also something that clients are getting results with and I see this growing by itself.

Mairead Berkery

Máiréad Berkery is a companion animal vet and partner in Avondale Vet Clinic a 10-vet practice based in Co Wicklow.

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We began using the Precision probiotics in May. With lots of dogs presented with sick tummies it is great to have such an effective treatment now available to us.

Two of the veterinary nurses were the first to use the products on their own dogs with diarrhea. Both of them commented on the speed of recovery to normal bowel movements. This is something we also began to see with patients in consults and in the surgery.

What has also been exciting is some of our patients with ongoing digestive problems that have gone on the probiotics long term. They are really showing huge improvements. The owners of both cats and dogs have been extremely happy with the improvements in digestive health and overall health on long term use.

We also now offer people whose pets or on antibiotics for long term infections the probiotics to help with gut health.
it is nice as we learned more about the science to have an Irish product delivering such results in our practice for our clients.

Tom Flanagan

Tom Flanagan is a large animal vet and partner in Park Veterinary Centre a six-vet practice in Co. Longford.

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I started using the calf probiotics this spring. Immediately what I was seeing and hearing back from farmers was the speed of action. Particularly with calves recovering from scour. They were showing a rapid return to normal Faecal consistency and health.

Also with groups of calves under pressure, recovering from scours or other disease we are finding the products give these calves a huge lift.

For me it was when farmers started to come back for the products themselves because of the results they were seeing. The feedback from farmers has been overwhelmingly positive. We also have now started seeing the benefits in more long-term use with farmers on calves being bought in and reared.

With the need to reduce antibiotics and improve health on our clients farms we are excited on how these products will help us achieve our goals.

Eammon O Connell Summer Hill vets Co Tipperary

Eammon O Connell, a well-known veterinarian in Co Tipperary.

Eammon is a partner in a busy six vet extensive animal practice in Nenagh Co Tipperary. He is also a columnist for the Irish Farming Independent.

His focus is on preventative medicine; he talks about top tips for calf health and how they used our unique probiotic and postbiotic liquids.

Huge thanks to the team in Summerhill Vets for all their support and success with the Precision Microbes range.

Dr.  Christain Tanczos

Listen to Christain as he talks about how he is using Precision Microbes Equine probiotics in Austria.

A well-known Austrian Equine practitioner and vet for the Spanish Riding school in Vienna.

He ran a trial with our products on a number of horses with outstanding results. He is now a big believer and user of the Liquid beneficial bacteria in our horse Product.

He says this is the “future of medicine” in our fight to reduce antibiotic usage and keep horses healthy.

Check out his website here on this link  Christian Tanczos

Thanks, Christian for all your support for Precision Microbes.

Vet Philip Walsh from Orchard Veterinary Centre talks about Precision Microbes

Vet Danielle Cusack talks about her experience with PM equine

Ann Derham- Equine surgeon in                      Coolmore Co Tipperary

“I think Precision Microbes is a fantastic new product that is very reasonably priced, the horses find
it very palatable and above all else- is so easy to use compared to other supplements on the market.
I carry out a lot of dental work and as a result, I see many horses with nutritional issues that are not
thriving or doing well, I have found Precision Microbes really effective in this area. I have been using
it a lot for colic and diarrhea cases also- while it isn’t replacing the treatment of gastric ulcers, I think
after treatment has taken place it is a great additive to use. We are seeing great benefits in this area,
in particular the sports horse industry. Our clients that are using Precision Microbes have reported
that they have no repeat occurrences of colic. Along with the sports horse industry, I think there is
huge potential to use it in the breeding industry for Broodmares for both pre and post foaling.”

Brid Lenihan- working in Bourkes Veterinary surgery in Newcastlewest, Limerick.

“Precision microbes have proved effective in so many different situations, especially acute
gastrointestinal upset, chronic intestinal issues, and improving hair coat and skin conditions. Many
owners are now using it as a topper to their dog’s regular diet long-term. It’s great to have a well-researched and proven effective product on our shelves!”

Padraig Brennan from Glasslyn Vets, Bandon

“The best feature that I have noticed while using Precision Microbes was the speed of activation and
therefore recovery. In certain cases, such as when calves were suffering with roata virus or crypto
after a short number of days using the probiotic the calves were back drinking milk and making a
recovery. I have also been using the microbes at home while rearing calves, I found the microbes
great at reducing stress when moving calves as it reduced stress leaving and arriving in new places.
In individual cases, animals in particular claves had some digestive upsets, after using the microbes
for a few days clients have reported that their calves had turned a corner. I really like this product; it
seems to go great hand in hand with electrolytes. To top it all off the calves love it, it seems
extremely palatable there are no problems syringing it into the calves compared to some other

Catriona Mullingar equine hospital –                Practice manager

“Since first stocking the Precision Microbes, we have found that it has been flying off our shelf. Our
clients generally use the Precision Microbes for the long term as appose to short-term use. Multiple
stud owners have been using the product on all their stock- the stallions, mares, and foals included
the reviews we have heard back from these customers have been good. A general trend has formed
whereby if a client purchases Precision Microbes for one animal they seem to come back for more of
the product to start another animal on it too. All in all, the Precision microbes seems very popular.”

Eimear Finn Vet Nurse from Cork using it on her greyhound

“Since starting Moana on Precision Microbes we have seen a great improvement in her general
form, coat health, and digestive functions. Moana started on Precision having had a sensitive
stomach and soft feces. Since starting the supplement over 2 months ago Moana’s gut health has
improved with no issues of stomach upsets or soft feces. The supplement is easily given with her
food once a day with no complaints on taste.”

Francois Walch veterinary surgeon in Clifden Co Galway

“Precision Microbes is selling very well and no negative feedback from farmers at all. I have always preferred a natural solution where possible and this seems to be working great.”