Transformation in calf health on dairy farm with Precision Microbes

We visited John Wynne in Co Wicklow this week.

He started using precision microbes in his young calves when using halofuginone. While he was pleased with the results, he stopped feeding and like many farmers, he saw a difference when they came off the liquid pro and probiotics.

He then started using Precision Micorbes again at 30mls daily for each calf through milk. Immediately he could see the improvement in calf health.

John has seen a huge improvement in calf health and a massive reduction in disease issues. He sees the benefits of long-term feeding daily right up to weaning.

30mls daily in milk for per calf during the entire milk feeding period.

The reduction in disease is now consistent feedback we hear from farmers on long-term feeding of our liquid pr and postbiotics. By supporting better gut health and immunity, the benefits for calf health are massive.

Thanks to John for his feedback, and we are blown away by the difference we are making to calf health on dairy farms.