Whats the story Episode 5: Meeting the team at ABP demo farm Co Carlow

Episode 5: Joining the ABP team for a chat

This week we visited another happy customer, where we meet the team at ABP demo farm. They have been using our unique Probiotic and Postbiotic liquid for calves for the last three seasons.

The ABP Demonstration Farm, located in Co. Carlow, serves as a cutting-edge facility dedicated to showcasing best practices in sustainable beef production. As part of ABP Food Group’s Advantage Beef Programme, the farm operates on a 280-acre site and functions primarily as a dairy calf-to-beef system. This initiative aims to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of beef production through innovative research and practical demonstrations.

Key Features and Practices

  1. Sustainable Farming Techniques:
    • The farm employs a variety of sustainable practices, including advanced genetic selection, optimized feed conversion, and efficient manure management, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve overall farm efficiency.
  2. Animal Welfare and Health:
    • The farm prioritizes animal health and welfare, implementing robust vaccination programs, high standards of hygiene, and innovative housing solutions such as open sheds with improved ventilation and the use of calf jackets to mitigate cold stress. They are feeding Precision Microbes daily at 30ml/calf/day in milk from arrival.
  3. Nutritional Management:
    • Calves are fed a high-quality milk replacer with optimal protein and fat content, transitioning to an 18% calf starter-nut provided ad-lib. The diet also includes high-quality silage with a focus on maximizing dry matter digestibility and protein content.
  4. Research and Collaboration:
    • The farm collaborates with leading research institutions such as Teagasc and the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) to conduct extensive studies on genetics, feed efficiency, and methane reduction. Notably, the farm utilizes Greenfeed bins to gather methane data as part of the Meat Technology Ireland (MTI) project.
  5. Economic and Environmental Impact:
    • Through its innovative practices, the farm has demonstrated significant reductions in methane emissions, with genetic studies indicating potential reductions of up to 40%. These efficiencies not only benefit the environment but also improve financial returns for farmers, demonstrating that economic and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand.
  6. Community and Knowledge Sharing:
    • The ABP Demonstration Farm serves as a valuable educational resource for the wider farming community. By sharing research findings and practical insights, the farm encourages the adoption of sustainable practices on a larger scale.

Key Outcomes and Future Directions

The farm’s efforts have resulted in tangible benefits, including improved calf health, better feed efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. Moving forward, the ABP Demonstration Farm will continue to explore and implement regenerative agricultural practices, focusing on soil health, biodiversity, and water usage. This holistic approach aims to further enhance the sustainability and resilience of beef production systems.